What’s New: Biophilic Design

Did you know 90% of our time is spent inside? Research tells us that being so separated from nature is effecting our health and well being. Biophilic Design can help! As designers, we are reconnecting people with the natural environment by bringing the outdoor elements to our interiors.
Here are some of our favorite photos showing Biophilic Design.

Gacek Design Group – Inspired by Biophilic Design

Another Win for The Signature House

Home Builders Association (HBA) sponsors the annual Synergy Awards to honor excellence in construction, sales, marketing, architecture, and interior design. We’re pleased to announce that The Signature House has won another award. Congratulations and appreciation to our partner, OMNIA Group Architects, for the award winning collaboration for Best Custom Home Architectural Plan.

Gacek Design Group – Synergy Award