What’s New: Biophilic Design

Did you know 90% of our time is spent inside? Research tells us that being so separated from nature is effecting our health and well being. Biophilic Design can help! As designers, we are reconnecting people with the natural environment by bringing the outdoor elements to our interiors.
Here are some of our favorite photos showing Biophilic Design.

Gacek Design Group – Inspired by Biophilic Design

Staycation Ideas

Thinking about a Staycation?  Some ideas to inspire you: Explore your local city and the culture that surrounds you; Pamper yourself with a spa experience;  Eat at a new restaurant; or Cook a four-course meal at home;  Get outside and enjoy the natural environment; Unplug and spend time at the beach, lake, or river; And of course, Transform an interior space!

Outdoor Living

Gacek Design Group – Outdoor Living

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The outdoor living trend continues to grow in popularity. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) noted in a recent study that outdoor spaces are the most requested special function room. Decks and patios are more elaborate as materials get better. Maintenance free products available in all weather climates allows for state of the art appliances, TVs and lighting; water features, fire bowls, as well as pizza ovens. Today, outdoor living is an extension of the indoor space and essential for family time as well as entertaining.