Good Design is Powerful…Great Design is Invisible!

Gacek Design Group - Classic Modern American - Great Lounge

Gacek Design Group – Classic Modern American – Great Lounge

Interesting statement. We read this most recently and thought how perfectly the statement can be used to express the difference between Gacek Design Group’s interior designs and other designs. Good design can be pretty and aesthetically pleasing. Good design uses standard furniture layouts, and sometimes just places matching furniture pieces in a room. However, to create great design you capture an experience. When design is invisible, it has made a connection with the consumer on an emotional level. Great design is thoughtful, understands the consumers living preferences, and how they want to live in a space. Great design uses a combination of research and expertise to drive the design decisions, color palette and vision.

Gacek Design Group offers this design difference. Not only are we a leading and award winning interior design firm, we are also well versed in architectural consulting. We work closely with partners, and architects to support form, function, color, and textures of materials. We are well versed in market research and use it to determine lifestyle, demographics and living preferences for the interior designs. Gacek Design Group offers a signature style of blending natural elements with timeless and classic design.

It’ Experiential. It’s What’s Inside.
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