Press Release: April 29, 2013

Gacek Design Group Unveils Beyond Gatsby Interior Design
2013 Bucks County Designer House & Gardens Opens with Success

d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427eimage-1New Hope, PA – Gacek Design Group, leading interior design and architectural consulting firm, has been selected as a preferred designer to create an interior design for this year’s Bucks County Designer House.  The living room space, entitled Beyond Gatsby, is the grandest room in the estate and its 1920 architectural style is reminiscent of the era, a prosperous time in American history.

The inspiration for the room is taken from elements evident during this time – an intricate Art Deco style, custom tailored fashions and the glamorous backdrop of high society entertaining.  Richard Gacek, owner and principal designer of Gacek Design Group states, “We are complimented by the selection and proud of our interior which evokes a classic and glamorous design style.  With Art Deco in vogue, and the release of the movie, The Great Gatsby starring Leo DeCaprio on May 10th, unveiling a room with this style could not have been more perfectly timed.”

Jo Ann Cunning, Chairman of the Designer House Commmittee added, “Gacek Design Group worked diligently with the highest level of professionalism and we truly appreciate Richard’s time and talents.”

The historic Clement Doyle House is located at 360 Dublin Pike in Doylestown, PA.  Tours are available now and run until Sunday, May 26, 2013. For more details, please visit

About Gacek Design Group
Founded in 2005, Gacek Design Group is a full service interior design and architectural consulting firm that caters to residential and commercial clientele.  Collaborating with associates from various parts of the world, Gacek Design Group is an industry leader using innovation accompanied by classically timeless design.  For more information on the firm’s notable achievements, services and portfolio, go or call 215.862.9038.

About Village Improvement Association
The V.I.A., with a membership of more than 300 women, is nationally recognized as the only women’s club in the country to own and operate a community hospital, Doylestown Hospital.  The Bucks County Designer House & Gardens is the V.I.A.’s largest fundraiser and the proceeds benefit the Doylestown Hospital.  For more info go