Modern Farmhouse in Warwick, PA

One of our most popular designs, this single family home at Warwick Mill, showcases the Modern Farmhouse style well.  The neutral but contrasting tones of cream, gray and black, offer clean and modern appeal.  Planked oak flooring - stained to show off the natural tones - brings a fresh, light mood to the space. Black painted furnishings, iron finishes and industrial style lighting demonstrate a Modern Farmhouse style, especially with accents of linen upholstery, woven baskets and rattan. We were inspired by the history of the area, and incorporated the geometry of the American flag into the design – since the flag was first flown in the town of Warwick.  Handcrafted American flag artwork displays the flag in a modern way, while millwork throughout the home uses simple varying stripe widths as well as focal walls of ship lap to highlight the design aesthetic.

Visit this home at Foxlane Homes at Warwick Mill: