The Castle in Park City

Set in Canyon’s Colony neighborhood, THE CASTLE offers guests an exclusive, private enclave in Park City, Utah.  Reminiscent of a Medieval European castle, the design is classically Gothic with its pointed arches, diamond leaded glass, and quatrefoil detail.  Its presence is majestic on the mountain, a grand castle intended to impress and dominate the landscape.  The gray granite stonework on the exterior immediately transforms you to modern day where a fortified architectural structure becomes an environment for world-class mountain living.

It is important for us to begin our research with the foundation, the structure of the castle, and its significance in architectural history.  As the aesthetic became more important, the castle's appearance and size began to reflect the prestige and power of those who lived there.  A medieval castle was the fortified home of an important person, such as a king or a noble.  Wealth and status in society continue to play an important role in defining the affluent demographic, their lifestyle, and how they will live in the home today.  Understated elegance is what we envision.